About Swing Donor

Swing Donor is dedicated to democratizing the influence of money in politics by empowering small donors to contribute where it counts.

Our non-partisan platform narrows down the universe of potential candidates to those running in "toss-up" races this election cycle, so your money can have the greatest possible impact. And, because donating to one candidate also hurts another, we find you the race with the greatest gap between the two candidates on the issues you care about.

Here’s how it works

Swing Donor creates position profiles for all candidates running in races considered "toss-ups" by the Cook Political Report. To generate these profiles—which form the basis of our recommendations—we draw from three sources of data:

1. Candidate Entries
All candidates are given the opportunity to take the ten-question quiz themselves and indicate their positions on each issue.

If you are a candidate running in a toss-up race, email us at info@swingdonor.com to submit your own issue positions.

2. Scorecard data and endorsements
Many single-issue advocacy organizations assess, rate, and endorse candidates based on voting records or public statements. Swing Donor infers candidates’ positions from scorecard ratings and endorsements released by relevant organizations. If a candidate has filled out the Swing Donor quiz and there is a discrepancy between the stated position on an issue and the inferred position from scorecard ratings, Swing Donor takes the average.

3. Analysis of votes & public statements
When a candidate has declined to fill out the Swing Donor survey, and there are no third-party scorecards to draw from, Swing Donor relies on analysis of voting records and public statements to infer the candidate's position.

Entering your responses to the Swing Donor quiz will generate your own position profile to be compared to those of the candidates. The matching algorithm looks for candidates with the most similar views running against opponents with the most contrasting views. These two measures are weighted equally in the resulting matches.

Join the tens of thousands of Americans contributing to the critical campaigns of 2016 by finding your match in just two minutes.